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Paying for sex is the basest of endeavors. When the trick is done I jerk off and get my money together. The sodomy, the oral and the anonymous pleasure are the only emotions that I've felt in forever. Cock hard as a rock with a heart as cold as the weather, within me is apathy and a feeble attempt at being clever. Voyeuristic detached camera lens close ups sever the genital regions of a disposable teenage runway named Sara.

Escaped from a small town, another hopeless lost cause. Escaped from the unwanted touch of her father in darkened halls. Escaped to the city, selling her body in exchange for food to eat. Escaped to a concrete jungle that's nearly impossible to breach.

I clipped her wings. She crashed and burned. Now she can’t fly away. Her innocence the world will slay, pick a part in my faithless passion play. A nondescript hotel room is where I ply my trade of hate. Forced fellatio muffles Sara's screams of terror and distaste. A pound of flesh is the price she’ll pay to join me in pursuit of my dark sadistic arts, much darker than cell bars or rapist in prison yards.

Don't mind me; just want to see what color you bleed. This vampire needs to feed off the lust of your tainted seed. My final wish fulfillment, a lack of human sentiment, has our paths crossing in this hostile tenement. The last act is my iron rod crammed into her small package. Hacking and slashing, death is her body's reaction. Involuntary muscle contractions and uncontrollable spasms as I relinquish my serum, so caught up in my ecstasy, her cries I fail to hear them. We’re both helpless victims of the same cultural sickness. A surreal ghastly laugh track is the only way to end this.

This isn’t music it’s a vital part of my survival. Poisonous paths I take make me just like my rivals. Therefore I just don’t write bars, I shatter and bend them as I fight the good fight between valor and venom.


from Decoding Panties, released June 27, 2016
beat by Tim Finnegan. Lyrics by Teenwolf. Recorded and mixed by Devin Shire at Young Thug La Meme studio.



all rights reserved


Dead Cats Mansfield, Ohio

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